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About Barchett Investments

We buy, rehab, rent and sell properties. We specialize in producing top quality homes regardless of the price point. We work with home owners that have distressed properties offering cash to purchase the property. Our goal is to not only purchase the property relieving the seller of the burden but also to allow the seller to walk away with cash in their pocket. We offer to purchase properties in pre-foreclosure status. In some special cases we offer to take over payments for homeowners who are having financial difficulties to relieve them from the payments as well as to stop foreclosures. We can buy out landlords who no longer want the headache of rental operations for both large and small portfolios, single-family or multi-family units. We work with families to purchase estates quickly. We offer aide in various real estate circumstances. 


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Matthew Barchett

Matthew comes from a background in construction. Somewhere along the way he found a passion for Real Estate. That passion lead him to find distressed properties and bring them back to life. While he greatly enjoys the restoration process he didn't stop there. He took his love for Real Estate to the next level & began to build from the ground up. Matthew really enjoys being around people & he is a great problem solver. When he's not working on Real Estate projects you'll probably find him laughing & joking, enjoying the great outdoors or spending time with family & friends.

Leyla Barchett

Leyla comes from a background in property management where she has managed properties in 4 states. She has earned various designations in her career including CAPS, CAM, EPro & she holds her real estate license in 2 states as well. Above the designations she holds she has lead property that she managed to win multiple awards for outstanding service & ratings. Leyla has a strong drive to pair her clients with the perfect investment to suit there needs, desires & goals. Leyla enjoys serving the needs of others & can often be found giving back to the community in various ways. When she isn't working in Real Estate or Volunteering she can be found enjoying time with family & friends or traveling to explore the beautiful world we live in.

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